into the void

The void is the color of the beginning of time captured by spectrometers reaching back billions of years to the universes inception. The essence of the void has captivated the psyche of mankind since the beginning of our existence. The infinite unknown being both an object of insatiable curiosity and endless terror. Within the void, anything imaginable exists and everything unknowable resides. It is there that deepest desires of our species lie and the source of our existential dread originates.

“The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest fear is fear of the unknown.”
-H.P. Lovecraft, Supernatural Horror in Literature

While the void can be difficult to grasp and even more frightening to peer into, it is by facing this source of cosmic uncertainty that has lead many artists and creatives to creates works of marvel and splendor. This is why with our first show as a newly founded gallery, we have chosen to feature works by artists and designers responding to a prompt asking them to contemplate the meaning of the void and their own personal interactions with it.

Our genesis:

What started out at as an outdated and derelict space, the idea of the space being a potential gallery space was stated by the owner of the space, Ben Wick. What seemed like an impossible dream, with months later of hard work, late nights, and too many trips to the hardware store, NeonVoid Studio and Gallery was born. NeonVoid Gallery’s inception was created out of a need for a space to bring light to those topics which are either difficult to discuss or express and those that are taboo. As a space, we wish to push boundaries and question everything. By creating a physical platform where artists can congregate to discuss and create in a space, we wish to satiate the need and desire for critical dialogue around these topics.

We would like to dedicate this first show to Ben Wick, for all of his hard work and dedication to what was just a dream. Without his determination and motivation, the space would have not been possible.

tavish costello

tavish costelloartist and businesspersoni am a Dj and a be-era drawer and a see-erseeing sculptures in the mediumsand excepting stones as drawingsand water the performeryet may they as themselves be crudethey are me and my guideas one with the mindhoping for love to be thy styleand to go that extra mile.

nicole irene

I am moved by the beauty of the nocturnal sky, astronomical phenomena, metaphysics, and cosmology, while the workings of the universe within ourselves and around us fascinates me. My artwork addresses the wonders and “realities” of the enigma that is the universe and cosmos around us. Being made of star stuff I hope we aren’t the only luminous beings occupying this magical space. My contemplation's of these mysteries manifest as conversions populated with textural vibrations, colorful swells and rhythmic compositions often accompanied and expanded on with original written words of my own.

A Berkshire native, visual artist, and art instructor I am currently living and working in the enchanted hills of western Massachusetts with additional mixed media paintings currently being exhibited at Ozzie’s Glass Gallery at 1670 Pleasant Street in South Lee Massachusetts.

nate massari

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matt meyer

A graduate of Bowdoin College (BA '96) and Lesley University's College of Art and Design (MFA '14). Matthew Meyer has exhibited both nationally and internationally. In addition to the plein air landscape work which has long been a mainstay of this practice, Matthew also explores painting's capacity for arching human experience - literal and figurative containers into which his time and attention are poured. In addition to painting, Matthew records and performs traditional string band music with Matt Meyer and the Gumption Junction. Matthew Meyer lives and paints in South Portland, Maine.

hillel o'Leary

Hillel O’Leary is a sculptor and installation artist whose work deals in re-examining unconscious tradition through archetype and abstraction. He holds a sculpture MFA from Penn State University, and a bachelor’s degree from the Rhode Island School of Design. Hillel’s work has been featured in the United States and internationally. He recently completed a series of site-specific works in collaboration with the International Sculpture Center, and at Joya Arte+ Ecologia, an “off-the-grid” residency in southern Spain. Hillel is also an alumnus of the Digital Stone Project, a program in which he carved marble with robots in Tuscany. Hillel is currently working as a freelance designer, visiting professor, and professional drifter.

sasha pacek

As a Montserrat College of Art graduate of 2015, Sasha Pacek has sincebeen using her education and her lifetime experience in painting topursue professional work in supportive positions within art galleryand museum spaces. Sasha has contract worked, assisted, and internedat various New England institutions including Davis Publications,Fitchburg Art Museum, MASS MoCA, the Rose Art Museum, and where shecurrently runs the daytime grind at The Rhode Island WatercolorSociety.

Sasha, a self-titled “collections + exhibitions professional by day,artist by night”, utilizes her knowledge of historical andcontemporary art to inspire her studio practice. She indulges influorescent color pigments in order to make the viewers eyes almosthurt with wonder (and sometimes confusion) and make the colorsthemselves the true subjects of her work. Sasha’s biggest inspirationscome from psychedelic rock music, science fiction, the macabre,retrowave, and the animal skulls that people find on the side ofdesert roads that are presented to her as cherished gifts. She currently resides on the Rhode Island coast, spending her timepretending to be an interior designer in The Sims 4, jogging at weirdhours of the afternoon, and daydreaming of desert California highways.

kenny rivera

Kenny Rivera is a visual artist from North Adams Massachusetts.  He works primarily with spray paint and charcoal but has recently began working with silk screen printing and acrylics.  Most of Kenny’s works were developed in the hopes of educating himself in art and learning the inner workings of gallery exhibitions.  Street art and dance is where kenny finds most of his inspiration, not to mention his enthusiasm for comics and japanese anime.  Kenny’s goal is to continue to pursue art full-time and continue to create works that provoke thought and ignite dreams.

ashley strazzinski

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megan tamas

Megan Tamas began her career as an artist by first attending the Tyler School of Art where she received her BA in Studio Sculpture. She followed this by then attending the prestigious Rhode Island School of Design where she received her MFA in Sculpture in 2015. Following this impressive academic trek, she then attended multiple studio residencies before landing her current job at the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art as senior art fabricator. Among her many responsibilities, Megan has overseen the production and fabrication of many shows for many notable artists including: Nick Cave, Alex Dacorte, Elizabeth King, and many more. While continuing her career at Mass MoCA, Megan also found time to start her own studio gallery with her brother Nicholas, Neon Void Studio, in neighboring Adams, Massachusetts.

Although she has a variably impressive portfolio, Megan's' current work combines organic and inorganic forms to create bio-organic specimens that are reminiscent of creatures and forms found in Cult Sci-Fi and Mid-Century cinema. She presents her work by transforming the space to one more accommodating to her specimens and to give them the illusion of being factual scientific eperiments. It is her hope, that through her work she can inspire scientific and technological change as well as foster creativity in a growing scientific community focused on the synthetic growing and creation of new forms of life.

nicholas tamas

Nicholas Tamas began his professional artistic career at an early age when he attended the Tennessee Governor School for the Arts while still in high school. Following his graduation, he attended the University of Tennessee School of Art in Knoxville Tennessee where he majored in sculpture and printmaking. During his time at the University, he maximized his time by learning about as many materials and processes as he could. He also spent his summers furthering his academic career with residencies and internships in Italy and New York, and was instrumental in the planning of the Southern Graphics Council Conference that took place at his University his senior year. He finished his undergraduate degree in the winter of 2015 where he received Magna Cum Laude honors. Following his graduation, He began working at the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art as an art fabricator and assistant lighting designer where he has built, designed, and lit shows for the Museums resident artists. The artists featured at the museum form an illustrious list and include artists like Nick Cave, Aled DaCorte, James Turrell and many others.

Nicholas Tamas' sculptural work is heavily inspired by cybernetic and bionic pop culture from the 80's and 90's as well as transhumanist philosophy. This is represented in his work as faux-cybernetics and bionics that are displayed in a manner that gives them the illusion of being functional and purchasable prosthesis/cybernetics. His goal with his work is to inspire the creation and advancement of real cybernetics and bionics as well as to further transhumanist ideals; to this end, he is currently pursuing a career and education as an industrial designer at the Rhode Island School of Design in Providence, Rhode Island.

nathan wright

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emilee yawn

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